Customer cases

Opal Blue Ltd

Consultancy company

"We needed a professional tool that could encourage our customers' different stakeholders to share their knowledge and at the same time help us collect, manage and deeply analyse all that information in a resource-efficient manner."

"Innopinion allows us to collaborate with our customers' employees and partners in finding solutions to critical business problems."

- Jani Korhonen, CEO, Opal Blue Ltd

Queen Silvia Nursing Award


"We wanted to activate a large group of Swedish and Finnish nursing students to come up with new elderly care ideas and to understand which of those would be the most important ones as a part of our international scholarship application process."

"Innopinion helped us not just to collect the ideas, but it enabled the students to also peer-evaluate the content and rank the most important ideas for us. The participant activity levels were mind-blowing!"

- Karin Lind-Mörnesten, CEO, Swedish Care International


Media company

"Kaleva wanted to get ideas and opinions about digital services from different stakeholders at the same time. Kaleva wanted also to confirm that the new implemented features were important to the readers."

"Innopinion's strengths lie clearly in its viral nature and the ability to engage various different stakeholder groups"

- Tommi Silfverhuth, Kaleva, Digital Business

About Innopinion


Innopinion is a web-based tool for companies and organizations to systematically gather, evaluate and rank purpose driven thoughts and ideas from employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Whether you are looking to gain customer insights, solve specific organizational problems or get feedback from a community; Innopinion not only lets you gather thoughts and ideas but it helps you understand them and translate them into actionable data.

Utilizing a campaign approach centered on specific challenges and effective game mechanisms, Innopinion can reach large audiences and encourage them to share their thoughts, comment on, add to and further refine ideas in the context of the campaign definition.

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How it works

Innopinion’s platform has a rich set of features that have been designed to be easy to navigate and understand. In a matter of minutes you can setup an idea or feedback campaign and invite people to participate.

In a typical Innopinion campaign, 100 participants will send 200 thoughts, provide 2500 evaluations and 1700 comments within a four week period. Compared to similar tools, Innopinion excels at boosting people engagement and gets more usable data.

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1. Defining campaign goals

The first thing is defining what you are trying to achieve. You can freely describe the campaign purpose, duration and what type of thoughts you want from the participants. Bear in mind that clear and precise topics are key to high quality ideas. For example, you can ask your customers to send ideas on improving your product’s functionality or you can involve your employees in creating a new sales strategy.

2. Defining evaluation categories

A well-defined set of assessment criteria makes the evaluation process effective. You can choose from our predefined evaluation categories or you can tailor the evaluation process to the unique characteristics of your campaign, and even specify different assessment categories for particular groups. In either case, Innopinion will ensure that all thoughts are evaluated and ranked in all categories.

3. Inviting the relevant people

After you have defined goals and evaluation categories, you can configure the conditions of participation and you may also assign distinct roles to groups of participants so different roles can evaluate thoughts on different categories.

When you launch the campaign, Innopinion will automatically start communicating with your audience and invite them to collaborate; all messages sent by the system are branded to your organization. Once they have received an invitation, participants can view the campaign description and activity around it such as number of thoughts submitted and their ranking, amount of users participating and top contributors.

Innopinion automatically tracks user contribution and assigns different scores and credits for every action each participant takes.

4. Managing the campaign

After starting the campaign you can just relax and keep track of its progress as Innopinion runs it automatically and provides relevant data analyses at all time.

Innopinion records every action taken by participants and also removes unrelated and unimportant thoughts from the campaign based on evaluation criteria.

Throughout the campaign, Innopinion will send automated reminders and updates to participants. The system will announce when the campaign ends and immediately provides personalized and significant information to all users.

Using the results

Ideal for gathering and refining your community’s thoughts, Innopinion’s comprehensive spreadsheet report outshines similar tools in the delivery of important analytics, and makes the most of your campaign.

Each thought is peer-evaluated in different categories. Based on the evaluations, the overall and category scores are calculated and used to rank and prioritize the thoughts. The report enables filtering the information in various ways so you can sort and arrange the thoughts based on evaluation categories or an overall score. This allows you to really understand what your crowd values and which are the ideas with most potential.

The report also provides significant information about the people who participated in your campaign. You can analyze all participants’ level of engagement and quality of their actions. This gives you the opportunity to recognize and even reward top contributors.

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A single license

You can purchase a single campaign license to Innopinion platform starting from 950 €. The license includes a customizable campaign, training material and access to the demo server to test and experiment with Innopinion.

Further licenses can be bought at a discounted price.

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An annual license

You can run multiple campaigns more affordably with the annual license. The annual license starts from 3850 €.

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A turnkey service

Innopinion is easy to use and manage. Our platform has powerful tools that will help you to setup and manage the campaign and use the results. However, if you feel you need an extra hand to meet all the conditions of success for your campaign please contact Innopinion’s support team.

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Frequently asked questions

Can the campaign be branded to our company?

Yes. Innopinion allows several ways to brand the campaign. You can define your company logo and background to the campaign landing page. You can also customize the email sender information. You can even embed the whole campaign page to your own website.

How many people can participate in a campaign?

The basic license version allows up to 500 participants, which can be upgraded to unlimited.

What is a typical campaign duration?

A typical campaign duration is four weeks. Innopinion can be used for shorter and longer (or even permanent) campaigns, as it keeps people activated throughout the campaign.

How secure is Innopinion platform?

Innopinion uses Amazon web services that reside in Europe and provide data encryption.

What type of content can be sent as a thought?

Innopinion platform accepts text and links to external material, so the participants can add any type of material to a thought from video to a powerpoint presentation. The links and the description is shown when evaluating the thought.

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