Turnkey services for organizations

Idea Factory™

For activating employees to innovate and give feedback

Get ideas from your employees, prioritized based on their opinions and knowledge.

Use cases

  • Get ideas for a new product or service
  • Improve the working environment
  • Understand employees' needs
  • Test your new strategy
Why Innopinion
  • Maximizes employee activity
  • Requires no extra resources
  • Shows the ideas in an order of importance
  • Involves everyone to evaluate the ideas

Market Insight™

For understanding and engaging customers and other stakeholders

Engage your existing or potential customers to send and prioritize feedback, ideas and issues.

Use cases

  • Test products before launch
  • Understand new markets and customers
  • Prioritize customer feedback
  • Promote new products
Why Innopinion
  • Focuses on freeform ideas and feedback
  • Improves customer understanding
  • Maximizes customer activity
  • Improves relationship with the customers

Jury Manager™

For automatically managing evaluation and rating process

Automatically manage a jury in evaluating or selecting best ideas or applicants.

Use cases

  • Find best applications for a program
  • Find winners in a competition
  • Filter the best candidates
  • Select the most promising ideas
Why Innopinion
  • Manages a large jury automatically
  • Maximizes jury activity
  • Makes selection process more intelligent
  • Jury size can be expanded significantly

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Licensing the platform

Our platform can be used as part of your service or product. We can provide you an automated and scalable way to involve users and customers for sending and prioritizing ideas and feedback.

Consultants can use Innopinion to provide better and more efficient services. Developers can integrate Innopinion inside their applications for example as a customer feedback channel.

We provide documentation and training on using Innopinion platform.

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Mind Engine™

Platform to automate ideation and feedback process

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About Innopinion


Innopinion is a service to engage people to send thoughts and to automatically manage the evaluation process for making better decisions.

Innopinion is used to understand what a targeted group of people thinks and values. Use cases range from internal innovation to market research.

Innopinion can scale from tens of participants to even millions as it automatically distributes the work of evaluating and prioritizing the thoughts to the people. You can involve various stakeholder groups to the one and same evaluation process.

The thoughts and opinions are gathered in a campaign format, which normally lasts from two to eight weeks.

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Use cases

Innopinion is used by individual consultants, companies and other organisations to understand what their target audience thinks and values.

Get fresh ideas from employees

Let the employees send and peer-evaluate new ideas. The idea ranking is based on their collective opinion. Finally you have a resource-free way to engage your employees.

Understand and retain customers

Give your customers a channel to give feedback and decide what are the most important needs and issues. The customers will be more engaged when they can influence.

Promote your cause to public

Participants are much more motivated to share and invite friends, when they can create and peer-evaluate the content in campaign. Innopinion also credits the participants based on their activity.

Increase your jury size

Innopinion is designed for automatically managing an evaluation process for all incoming entries. With Innopinion you can increase the size of your jury and minimize the extra work for getting the evaluations from them.

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The campaign process

The thoughts and opinions are collected in a campaign, which can last from a couple of days to several weeks. After the campaign goals have been set up, the people can be invited to participate and give their thoughts and opinions.

1. Everyone can send thoughts

All campaign participants can send as many thoughts as they want. Thoughts can be anything from simple text ideas to videos and other documents, such as presentations or images.

2. Thoughts are peer-evaluated

Innopinion distributes the thoughts for evaluation to other participants. Evaluators can be anyone or a specific stakeholder group (e.g. customers or an invited jury). Evaluation questions and criteria can be customized.

3. Contributions are credited

All contributions (sending and evaluating a thought) are credited based on quality. Also sharing the campaign is credited, if the campaign is open for anyone. Innopinion keeps leaderboards on best contributors and can automatically reward them with customized prizes.

4. Results are automatically reported

Innopinion reports the thoughts in a priority order based on the evaluations. The results show which thoughts are the most important to the participants and why. The report also shows participant profiles and activity during the campaign.

The results

Each thought is peer-evaluated in different predetermined categories by the participants. Based on the evaluations, the overall and category scores are calculated, which are used to rank and prioritize the thoughts.

Innopinion automatically selects the most suitable people to evaluate the thoughts in order to achieve the best overall understanding of the content. Evaluation categories can be customized for each campaign. This enables a powerful way to understand and prioritize the thoughts using the participants.

Innopinion automatically removes unrelated and unimportant thoughts from the campaign based on evaluation criteria.

Each thought also includes freeform comments relating to the evaluation and the topic.

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